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We craft visually rich, Hypercasual-Plus(+) mobile games.


Bastion Blitz

Battle the opposing team in this deadly sport, and emerge as champion of the intergalactic league! Bastion Blitz merges elements from MOBAs and Card Gameplay with a cyberpunk twist into a unique multiplayer contest.


Shattered City

Agents of chaos have shattered the landscape, invading cities and destroying everything in their path.  Infiltrate enemy lines in this action packed shooter, upgrading your abilities while making a push for the heart of the city. Request a Demo, available for Android and iOS.

Multiplayer/Battle Royale

Nightmare Blitz

Run, run as fast as you can before the monsters catch you! Nightmare Blitz is a fast paced, battle-royale style game where strange things become even stranger.  Survive, gather power-ups and escape the nightmare!